[NCB] Song at Parting, from Raven

Carlos Vigil carlos at VIGIL1.com
Fri Dec 10 21:18:54 CST 2004

Raven phoned me during The Singin'est Post-Revel In Town after Boar's Head
to share the following song with folks.  I just received the text tonight;
alas, I don't recall the tune from a single hearing with much noise in the
background (go figure ;> ).

Oh, and among other things, Raven is the one who wrote the bardic college's
original charter, and rewrote parts of it to present to our King & Queen
for ratification of the Northshield Kingdom bardic college.  When Cerian
read the charter in court at Boar's Head, Raven was the gentleman in a
brown robe and no hair, who also went up.

-- Dahrien  =)

Song at Parting

Why does sorrow burrow at the hollow of our heart 
When we know each "Merry Meet" is followed by a "Merry Part"? 
Should not joy as deeply dwell when we think ahead to when 
Every "Merry Part" is followed by a "Merry Meet Again"?

[composed upon leaving the Boar's Head Feast of Caer Anterth, 
December 4, 2004.]

[intended for singing at that night's Bardic Post-Revel, 
which, alas, I could not attend.]

-- C.M. Joserlin, "Raven"

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